By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!


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The heat wave is behind us, the severe weather of yesterday is behind us, and a holiday weekend is in front of us. All is good as we end the week and start the weekend. Rain will taper then end. Skies will slowly begin to brighten, and humidity will peel away. Been a heck of a week weather wise that is for sure. And with July the 4th being on a weekend the celebration of Independence Day is a couple of days.

Folks on this holiday we have a lot to be thankful for. And first and foremost is the independence from masks, independence from the tension of a global pandemic, and independence from the tension of lockdown. We still have to be on point and stay the course but life is getting easier by the day.

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(Oh did I mention independence form the sound of Cicada’s?)

With improving conditions tomorrow, (not a perfect day but slowly improving), and with a fairly OK outlook for Sunday time to renew our Summertime license to chill. Be safe, be smart, and have some fun. I think we the people can all sign that declaration.

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