ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A group of protestors gathered outside Maryland’s Department of Labor Tuesday afternoon demanding Gov. Larry Hogan drop his legal challenges against paying expanded federal unemployment benefits.

“Governor Hogan, it’s killing us slowly because we can’t survive,” Michelle Vines told WJZ Investigator Mike Hellgren.

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“Even if they have to throw me in jail, I will be out here fighting,” said Reverend Annie Chambers.

Over the weekend, several judges ruled in favor of a 10-day temporary restraining order allowing Maryland’s unemployed to continue to collect an additional $300 in benefits from the federal government through at least July 13.

Hogan was hoping to end the additional federal benefits on July 3 but a Baltimore judge ruled that taking away the enhanced federal benefits could cause “undue harm.”

“I was hearing from hundreds of businesses every day saying we can’t get people back to work,” the governor told WJZ last month explaining his decision to end the benefits. “There are currently 9.3 million jobs available—more than ever before in the past 20 years.”

The Unemployed Workers Union tried unsuccessfully to speak with Labor Secretary Tiffany Robinson and present a letter with their demands. They instead gave it along with hundreds of complaints to police at the Department of Labor’s offices on Calvert Street in downtown Baltimore.

Part of their lawsuit also contends the state has made it difficult for people to collect their benefits.

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The federal government is offering extra assistance to unemployed Americans through early September at no cost to states.

The next hearing before Judge Lawrence Fletcher Hill is Friday at 2 p.m. regarding the unemployment benefits.

Alec Summerfield, an attorney representing the plaintiffs, told Hellgren it will likely last into Monday.

“Keep filing for your benefits and fighting for your money,” Summerfield advised.

Comptroller Peter Franchot and Senate President Bill Ferguson, both Democrats, have asked that Hogan drop his legal challenges. They’re being handled by private attorneys at taxpayer expense.

You can read the July 5 order below:

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