By Rohan Mattu

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A 57-year-old U.S. Marine Corps veteran from Denton, Maryland on the Eastern Shore is the latest winner to claim $40,000 in Maryland’s VaxCash promotion.

The promotion was announced by Governor Hogan to promote the COVID-19 vaccine. Ted Rock hates getting shots and was initially wary of the vaccine, Maryland Lottery said, but he got the jab in preparation for a trip and to protect his family. There was another reason too:

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“My wife made me do it,” Rock said.

Ted Rock, Maryland Lottery

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Rock has been entering the Maryland Lottery’s second chance contests for over a year, hoping for some lottery luck, but maybe it was his decision to get vaccinated that gave him the luck to win a sweepstakes.

Rock was selected in the July 2 drawing just a few days ago. He hopes his win helps others in the area decide to get vaccinated.

“There are a lot of folks on the shore who aren’t too sure about getting a shot,” Rock said. “Maybe if they see someone like me from where they live, they might think twice,” said Rock.

Rock now runs his own fitness training program, Holloway Formula Fitness and Sports Performance. The VaxCash money, Rock said, will give him room to breathe as the fitness industry comes back from the pandemic.

Rock also plans to use some of the money for home improvements and his kid’s college fund.

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