OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ) — Tropical Storm Elsa brought whipping winds and heavy rains overnight as the storm passed over Maryland’s coastal communities.

The center of Elsa arrived at the extreme southern Chesapeake Bay just after midnight. It then continued to the Eastern Shore — pounding Ocean City with heavy rains. The coastline will continue to see heavy rain and strong winds overnight.

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By Friday morning, it was moving out of Maryland and up the Atlantic

St. Mary’s County declared a state of emergency Thursday morning ahead of the storm. The state of emergency is a week long and will end at noon on July 13. The emergency order authorizes the Commissioner President “to take such measures as necessary to maximize the preservation of life and property, including the authority to require the evacuation of areas,” the county said.

Just before midnight several tornado warnings were issued for Ocean City and other coastal communities as the center of Elsa arrived.

The beach resort town saw torrential downpours, which led to some flooding.

A portion of Philadelphia Avenue was closed from North Division Street south to the inlet due to flooding.

Elsa’s impending arrival didn’t stop people from enjoying the beach Thursday morning, despite the gray skies.


There is a slight chance for thunderstorms Friday night.

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