Hi Everyone!

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Ok Elsa came, and went. And that is that. For luck let’s all say together, “We were lucky this time.” (Don’t want to upset Karma). And now we move on. And move our attention to a cold front out to our West.

It looks like thunderstorms, listed as likely but spotty in the forecast, could get gusty. The Storm prediction center has areas East of the Bay in a “marginal risk” for severe weather. Something we will watch for later on. Behind the front it won’t cool down much at all but the humidity level will drop tomorrow before rising again as a warm front lifts over the area on Sunday.

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At that time we will see a few more spotty showers and thunderstorms. (Most likely Sunday afternoon btw.) A humidity roller coaster as opposed to a temperature roller coaster.

Then next week it is back to Summer in the city. Literally, and figuratively as temps return to the humid low 90’s.

Rereading the top of this blog I am amazed how superstitious I am today. But it is Friday, and the weekend, and an “ounce of prevention” right? Don’t want to hit any Karma potholes. While I am thinking about it let me run and find some salt to throw over my shoulder. Talk to ya Monday.

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