By Annie Rose Ramos

GLEN BURNIE, Md. (WJZ) — A newborn baby was found abandoned in a wooded area on the side of a bike path in Glen Burnie with its umbilical cord still attached on Wednesday morning.

“I was watering my flowers and there was a gentleman there trying to get my attention, said there’s a baby in the woods and I’m like, ‘a human baby?’ and he said yeah,” said Steve a nearby resident.

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Early Wednesday morning on Greenway Road turned to an alarming discovery after the cries of a baby led residents to a wooded area to the side of a bike path.

“It looked like someone had just come along and chucked it in the woods,” said Steve.

“I said there’s a baby over there. Call 911,” said Ted Rutherford.

“We called the cops and I came back out here and try to go into the woods to see if I could get the baby out but it was in sticker bushes and it was upside down,” said Steve.

“The baby would cry, cry, cry and then it would stop,” said Rutherford.

A police officer responded first to the scene and pulled the baby out of the bush.

“He was able to pull some sticks out and get the baby out and it was still attached to its umbilical cord,” said Steve.

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“When the police officer carried him out, I was just like, I don’t know the circumstances but thank God I was there!” Rutherford added.

The baby girl suffered minor injuries from being in contact with the bushes.

“Can you imagine being stuck in sticker bushes? You’re an infant and you can’t even pull yourself up,” said Steve.

“Right now the child is alive and receiving treatment at the hospital,” said Marc Limansky, a spokesperson for Anne Arundel Co. Police.

An investigation into who abandoned this baby is now underway.

“This investigation will now continue as to determining who committed this act and hopefully we will be able to bring some closure to it,” said Limansky.

Annie Rose Ramos