(CBS Local)– “The Wire” made its debut on HBO almost 20 years ago and the series about life in Baltimore is still one of the most talked about and binged television shows. The hit series what shot in the Charm City and examined the city’s drug business, law enforcement and port industry. Many of the show’s actors like Idris Elba, Dominic West, Sonja Sohn, Amy Ryan and Michael B. Jordan went on to have huge careers in Hollywood.

Actor Glynn Turman was one of the many stars of the series. He played Mayor Clarence Royce and appeared in 22 episodes over the course of multiple seasons. CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith chatted with the legendary actor recently and the two discussed Turman’s time on “The Wire” and why it was so memorable.

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“After my run with The Wire, I would go in for other parts in other productions,” said Turman. “I would be talking with the producers and talking with the directors of other productions and inevitably along the line in that meeting, someone would say enough of this, let’s talk about The Wire. I was in the room for another 20 minutes talking about The Wire. Everybody loved The Wire. It was so well written and so smart. It’s not a bad piece to have under your belt as one of your projects.”

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While “The Wire,” is in the conversation for many as the greatest TV show of all-time, Turman made it very clear that the HBO series is in a category all by itself.

“Is The Wire the best TV show of all-time?” asked Sixsmith.

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“I think so,” said Turman. “To me it is The Wire. It’s just so unexpected.”