BALTIMORE (WJZ) — New Covid rules are cracking down on the type of music gyms can play during group workouts. South Korea’s government said the restrictions are aimed at slowing the spread of the virus.

Playing music during a workout can give you that extra boost, but health officials in South Korea worry fast-paced songs could also boost Covid cases as people breathe harder and potentially splash sweat on each other.

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The rules ban songs with a tempo higher than 220 beats per minute during group exercises. Music like the huge South Korean hit, Gangnam Style, which clocks in at 132 beats is off the playlist.

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The Covid crackdown also bans showers at the gym and limits treadmill speeds to a maximum of 3.7 miles per hour. Some opposition lawmakers have ridiculed the rules.

However, with South Korea fighting to curb its worst-ever coronavirus outbreak, health officials insist slowing the music may slow the spread of Covid.

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Just over 30 percent of South Korea’s 52 million residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine.