BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The pandemic has taken its toll on many fundraisers and drives, and blood donations are no different. But in the summer months, the national need is dire.

For Adam Landy, it’s a moral obligation.

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“I try to come donate every 60 days, every two months, as a way to give back to my community,” said Landy.

One of his family members needed a blood transfusion a few years back, so now Landy tries to send his blood to someone in need locally. “I get the updates on the app where the blood is going. It’s going to Johns Hopkins University to Sibley local hospitals University of Maryland hospitals,” he said.

Landy, being an O negative donor, is exactly who the red cross needs.

“We’re in a critical state,” said Misty Bruce.

Misty Bruce is the Executive Director of the Red Cross in Central Maryland. She said across the country there is a major shortage.

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“During the summer months, we see an uptick in the trauma centers and usually those patients need multiple units of blood to fight that traumatic incident,” said Bruce.

They’ve had to make safety changes once the pandemic hit to keep staff and donors safe but now they’re back up and running.

They’re even offering incentives like $10 Amazon gift cards and an entry into a drawing where donators could win free gas for a year. But for Landy, it’s just what you do to help

“I hope it ends up in someone’s arm, in someone’s body. It’s very good O blood. I’m the universal donor so butted hopefully it helps somebody,” Landy added.

University of Maryland Medical Systems Medical Director of Transfusion Services, Doctor Fontaine, said in our area we have enough blood for now but no one should get comfortable.

“We are getting what we need so we are ok. It’s at the national level that there is a shortage and we need to replenish as we use blood,” said Fontaine.

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There are blood drives almost every day, to find one near you, visit: 

Rachael Cardin