By Annie Rose Ramos

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City is seeing a brutal rise in crime and there are rallying cries for peace and healing. Multiple prayer vigils were held Monday evening throughout the city hosted by anti-crime organizations

Organizers said events like these are crucial to remind the community there’s still hope for a peaceful and crime-free Baltimore.

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“Let there be light, let there be peace.”

A reminder that hope is still alive for a peaceful Baltimore at a Monday night vigil.

“Baltimore’s hope really matters,” said Erricka Bridgeford, Ceasefire.

One of the two hosted by Ceasefire 35 and Let’s Thrive Baltimore.

“You shouldn’t have to wait until someone you love who gets killed for you to care that people are being killed in the city,” said Bridgeford.

According to police, there have been 189 homicides so far this year and 380 non-fatal shootings, 34 more shootings than last year.

“We are fed up and enough is enough,” said Lisa Molock, Let’s Thrive Baltimore.

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Monday’s event brought a community together for strength and support

“Hopefully, they can see the support and the network system that they have here and you know feel encouraged,” said Eean Logan.

Families, leaders and even city police officers like Lolando Hamilton.

“When people see police, they’re afraid to talk to ‘em interact with ‘em,” said Hamilton. He hopes to show that police care. “We do have good officers out here that care about the community.”

For Donna Bruce, she wanted her 11-year-old son to see how their community can heal together.

“It was important for my son to be here tonight to witness that there is gonna be some healing. Show up advocate, educate and learn what the people need in the city to help the city be a better place,” said Bruce.

Both groups said there will be many more events like this one until the fight against gun violence is won and over with.

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Annie Rose Ramos