By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Monday in the big town. But unlike last Monday, when we read the week’s outlook and cringed know we were only on the first day of a 6-day run of wicked bad heat, this Monday we can look forward to some really fine weather at the week’s end, and getting into the weekend. And leading up to that promise of good stuff I will tell you that today, tomorrow, and Wednesday will be OK.

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We will be in the low 90’s, through mid-week, and a tad bit humid. But nothing like that run which began this time last week. Folks give yourself a pat on the back for getting through the heat and those heat,( slamming you to the ground), heat index values. That was BAD Summer. Given that last sentence, the low 90’s will never have felt as good. And before we close let’s discuss severe weather. Saturday was on the top end of that scale. Even with a cold front coming by Wednesday we do not anticipate a repeat of those early weekend issues.

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All is good on my side of Studio A this Monday in Maryland.

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