CLARKSVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — A 2.1 magnitude earthquake shook central Maryland Wednesday morning.

The epicenter was located near Saint Louis Catholic Church in the Howard County community of Clarksville.

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“I thought, ‘that’s going on for quite some time. It’s a lot louder than thunder,’” Leilani Lucca of Columbia said. “Then, it got louder, and the house really did shake.”

The Director of the Maryland Geological Survey Richard Ortt said Wednesday’s earthquake was “relatively small” and common for Maryland.

“What we are experiencing are some releases of some very, very old faults, hundreds of millions of years old,” Ortt said. “Just a little bit of shaking, maybe some pictures rattling on the wall and that’s about it from any kind of damage standpoint.”

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Officials with the Maryland Emergency Management Agency and Howard County Fire and Rescue said there are no reports of damage, injuries or utility outages.

Reports from the United States Geological Survey show people as far as Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware felt the quake.

Heather and Kerry Skolkin’s dog Ringling heard the quake just after 2 a.m., which centered in their backyard.

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“Ringling, last night, woke us up in the middle of the night with a roaring, vicious bark,” Heather said, making light of the Golden Retriever’s calm demeanor. “I think you should just leave all these indicators to dogs moving forward.”

Paul Gessler