BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A young chimp at The Maryland Zoo on Wednesday explored the zoo’s outdoor chimp habitat for the first time.

Maisie, the 11-month-old chimp, was accompanied by the zoo’s two mother-daughter pairs–Bunny and Lola, and Raven and Violet. Zookeepers said Bunny partially brought Maisie out clinging to her belly, the first time they saw this happen.

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Zookeepers said she was a bit nervous but ended up climbing on the platforms. They said they saw her playing on a hammock.

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Lola also kept an eye out for Maisie, helping her navigate out of thick bamboo in the Chimpanzee Forest.

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Maisie was brought to the zoo last September after her mother would not care for her. She turns 1 on Aug. 28.

CBS Baltimore Staff