By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Today was an almost perfect Summer morning and we will do it again tomorrow morning.  It was clear, pleasantly cool, and the bugs were making that August racket. And loud they were. Follow me on Twitter if you don’t already. Earlier I posted a video of the sunrise, and morning sounds in front of TV Hill this AM.

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Usually, in this blog, we discuss what lay ahead weatherwise.  But today let’s go to the way ahead I just mentioned, tomorrow morning. On this shift we are very aware of the start of a day. It is our “prime time”.  And I am just letting you know, should you be up early Friday how nice it will be. Usually, but not always, the day’s start leads the weather across the day. Today, and tomorrow that is certainly the case.

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This weekend the heat and humidity return. Not only to the mornings but to the rest of the day too, and that is something we will address tomorrow.

  It is Friday Eve folks! Enjoy, be safe, and find some fun this day or evening.

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