BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The kids at the Level Up Leadership Academy Summer Camp in West Baltimore aren’t just here for some fun while they’re off from school.

They’re trying to make a difference in their community and they noticed one problem across Baltimore that they think they can help out with.

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“In our city, it’s a lot of trash and all that trash needs to go somewhere.”

The students decided that a community cleanup would really benefit city residents so now they organized one for  Saturday — and they are gathering at four recreation centers to pick up the trash.

“This Saturday we have a goal to clean up like each side of Baltimore and we want about 1000 people to come help clean.”

Former Ravens wide receiver and member of the WJZ family Torrey Smith co-founded the group that holds the summer camp Level82. He said they want to show kids that they have the power to be change-makers.

“The kids had the task of working together to try to figure out what event that they could do to go out and benefit Baltimore City. Why? So they can understand the power that they have,” said Smith.

It seems that these students understand that.

“Like we could make a difference honestly, we could inspire other cities to do what we’re doing.”

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They’re counting on the rest of Baltimore to come out and help.

“I want people to come and be inspired to cleanup their city.”

The community cleanup is happening on Saturday, Aug. 14 from 10 a.m. to noon at the following locations:

Hilton Rec Center
2950 Phelps Lane
Baltimore, MD 21229

CC Jackson Rec Center
4910 Park Heights Ave
Baltimore, MD 21205

Rita R Church Com Center
2101 St. Lo Dr.
Baltimore, MD 21213

Cahill Fitness Center
1900 Edgewood St.
Baltimore, MD 21216

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Anyone can participate in the cleanup in other neighborhoods as well. Participants are asked to use the hashtag #levelupcleanup on social media when posting photos during the event.

Stetson Miller