By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

  Second verse, same as the first. Here we go again. Very hot, and humid today. And quite possibly the hottest day, with heat index, of this current run of weather misery.  108ׄ° will be the heat index today, though some area could blossom to 110°. #extremeweather. Today, for the 4th day in a row we will see thunderstorms fire up but today we think that might happen later in the day as opposed to mid to late afternoon. That story will develop as we move though the early part of the afternoon. Again #extrremeweather. This leads me to a question.

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  If you could, for the rest of your life, only have to deal with one weather extreme what would it be. A) Blazing temperatures, humidity, and thunderstorms/heavy downpours, or B) The Polar Vortex and icy conditions. Remember you can only choose one, and for the rest of your life.

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  For me, it is still going to the Sumer scenario. I find it easier to get about and run chores when it is hot and I am not wearing four layers of clothes to keep me warm. ( Example…When it gets real cold at a football game I guarantee you beer and beverage sales, for boys and girls,  drop because of the difficulties with four or five layers of clothes during the halftime relief run.)

Make your choice and then ponder this, Christmas is a little under 140 days away. So if you are on the Polar Vortex side of the answer your day, your days are just around a few hot corners.

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