BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Maryland Zoo is mourning the death of its female Coquerel’s sifaka, Anastasia.

Anastasia is an endangered species of lemur native to the island of Madagascar. She was under treatment for Addison’s disease, a rare condition that has not been reported before in her species.

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The zoo said the Coquerel’s sifaka sets its self apart from other lemur’s by their movement, as they maintain an upright posture and jump through treetops using only their back legs.

Anastasia came to the zoo in 2009 to mate with Gratian, a male Coquerel’s sifaka, at the recommendation of the Sifaka Species Survival Plan, the zoo said.

“She and Gratian produced 5 offspring at the Zoo, all of which have moved to other AZA-accredited facilities,” said Erin Grimm, mammal collection and conservation manager. “Sifaka are an endangered species and we are honored to participate in this important program helping to conserve these amazing animals.”

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Grimm said Anastasia, like most female Sifaka, was the leader of her troop.

“Ana ruled the roost, so to speak,” said Grimm. “She was usually first to eat, selecting her favorite foods and was adept at breaking up family squabbles. She was also gentle, yet fiercely protective of her offspring. Her death is quite a loss for all of us.”

The Maryland Zoo is one of only thirteen accredited zoos in the country to house Coquerel’s sifaka, the zoo said. The sole male sifaka left at the zoo will be moved to be a part of another breeding pair.

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