By CBS Baltimore Staff

Hi Everyone!

   Well, at least we will have a few shade clouds around today. And this is how it starts, another hot and humid day this August 25th. And not unlike yesterday, heat index numbers later will top 100°. And this day we will get close to a record. The forecast high is 94 The record is 97° that goes back to 1968.

   While on the air and discussing today’s near record forecast high, that little part of the brain that is always “in the moment” spoke to me. It was about just how many record high temperatures we have tied or set during this season. Off the top of my head  I thought must be a bunch. But then upon further review, I am not sure about that. Yes we have tied or set a couple of records but those words, “tie/set” have not been a big part of too many weather presentations. Yes it has been a hot Summer. We are now in the 7th heatwave of this season. But in past history, we have had a lot of individual days in shorter heat streaks with bigger impact. My money says we do not tie or break today’s record high. That 3° difference between 94 and 97 is a lot of turf to cover. Believe it. We’ll see.


CBS Baltimore Staff