Hi Everyone!

  Another day in this run of heat is here. But today we can say the bulk of this 7th heatwave of the season is now in our rearview mirror. We’re over the hump. 3 of the 5 days of this run are done. Don’t get me wrong today and tomorrow will feature heat index values in the triple digits, 100° to 105°.  But then the weekend and some help in getting rid of this boiler room feel. We have been discussing a frontal boundary moving near and stalling. That is still the case. But some clouds, that umbrella effect if you will, (and even a shower or t-storm) will cool us down even if just for a couple of hours in and around that rain. Small victories do add up.

  I do not see either weekend day being a washout. But two days in a row the computer modeling paints a grayer and maybe wetter Saturday than Sunday.  You know what they say, “Measure three times then cut once.”  If tomorrow’s computer runs agree with today and yesterday that makes three, and we’ll cement that forecast. Both some relief, and showers.


CBS Baltimore Staff