ANNAPOLIS Md. (WJZ) — WJZ went inside a hospital room to interview a patient who contracted COVID-19.

Marvin Harrison said he wishes he’d taken the vaccine before he got sick.

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“I’m here because God saved my life,” said Harrison. ” I thought I wouldn’t make it. Best way to describe that if I had to make my assessment, near death.”

The 54-year-old described himself as healthy until two weeks ago when two at-home COVID-19 tests came back positive.

“I couldn’t sleep, constantly hurting, constantly coughing, no energy, no breath, no oxygen. I basically laid in the bed probably all week by myself but I wasn’t getting better,” said Harrison.

Harrison said he was always careful but in his words, he kept dragging his feet and never got the vaccine. Harrison said he didn’t get the vaccine even after his wife, who’s a nurse, told him to get the shot.

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“Do you regret not taking the vaccine?” Reporter Ava-joye Burnett asked.

“I regret it,” Harrison answered. “It’s just answers that I’ll never know and many of us will never know but at least it minimizes your chances of getting sick. I do have some regrets there. I didn’t listen to my wife, I didn’t listen to my sister.”

Dr. Stephen Sellinger, an ICU doctor and Chief Medical Officer at Luminus Health Anne Arundel Medical Center said many patients he’s seen regret not taking the vaccine before it’s too late. The doctor also said the disease affects every system in the body.

“I’ve been doing ICU medicine since about 1986 and I could tell you these are some of the sickest most challenging patients in the intensive care unit,” said Dr. Sellinger. “These patients don’t get better quickly. Many patients as you know don’t survive this illness but even those who do survive, it’s a very very slow go. Patients are on the ventilator for a very prolonged period of time.”

Harrison said everyday tasks like brushing his teeth are now a struggle and he’s warning people not to make the same mistake he did.

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“Going back I wouldn’t take the risk again,” said Harrison. “That’s why when I get well, I’m going to follow the protocol and get vaccinated.”

Ava-joye Burnett