By Annie Rose Ramos

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you’re driving around York Road and Woodbourne Avenue, you might just notice a group picking up trash. 

A member, Lance Bendann, said their small group has made an impact and a difference. 

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Bendann is a member of what’s come to be a treasured community group called the Trash Bashers. It started with Bendann and a few other volunteers from St. Mary’s Church in the neighborhood. 

And then, they found Lynee Lamoree. 

“She was just out independently picking up trash herself,” said Bendann. 

And Lamoree thought of a way to get even more Trash Bashers. 

“A work training opportunity,” Lamoree said, that involved where she works, The League For People With Disabilities, Inc. “They get paid to come and clean up twice a week.”

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They’re paid through a partnership with St. Mary’s Church and Loyola University, along with help from Councilman Mark Conway. 

And the neighborhood is noticing the change. Jamil Khaware, who owns the Family Food Market, said he’s a big fan.

Once trash littered his store entrance, “you see the garbage there and you don’t wanna come here,” he added.

But now, no more trash.

Lamoree said the merchants appreciate the cleanup and the new Trash Bashers from The League learn work skills and earn a salary. It’s a win-win situation, she said.

They’re looking for more employees and communities who might want to get involved.

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To inquire, contact Lynne Lamoree at The League For People With Disabilities, Inc. at 410-323-0500 or visit their website.

Annie Rose Ramos