WESTMINISTER, Md. (WJZ) – It’s not something you normally see outside a Carroll County school board meeting.

As the debate over masks in schools heats up.

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“I don’t rely on anyone in this room to protect my child but me,” said one parent.

While some parents cry out for the freedom to choose, others are concerned about their child’s physical and mental health if masks are mandated.

“She passed out three times last year and had to be wheeled out to me she missed many days of school and if she didn’t go she would have committed suicide so this is where I am,” explained one mom.

But on the other side of the room, parents are outraged that classes started and masks are currently not required inside school buildings.

“The truth about what research says is that universal masking works so why would we not?” said Karen Satchell.

Some parents said the Board of Education is not doing their part to protect children.

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“This board is not regularly testing for covid this board removed virtual learning option this board said they would provide KN95s now they can’t,” a parent said at the meeting.

Still, others say that this is not the school’s job and choices should be left up to the parents.

“I’m for the freedom to choose with masks bc my son has special needs and it affects him greatly to not be able to see people’s faces read their emotions,” said Lisa.

Dozens of speakers took the podium but there was no real resolution.

“Where does your freedom end and mine begin? If your freedom infects me and were all in the community like a family then that’s no good,” said Eric.


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Rachael Cardin