Hi Everyone!

   Thunderstorms later on today. And those thunderstorms later on today could be heavy. Enough so that that the Storm Prediction Center has us in a “marginal” or “slight risk” of severe weather. As I always say do not let the words fool you the risk is clear, and present. Last week we found out how intense “marginal” or “slight” can be. But let’s move beyond that weather coming in later on.

  Fall is on the way, and it is a good, and calm time on land or the water. Boaters will tell you that the Chesapeake is like glass in the Fall, and our overall forecast is usually, seasonally, just as calm. And that will be quite the case from tomorrow through next Tuesday. And runs of calm weather after this Summer are something to look forward to. 90 days of peace and quiet would be nice. Knock on wood, cross your fingers, and let’s hope these weather daydreams I am having will not jinx things. But in my memory that is the yearly Fall review.


CBS Baltimore Staff