By Amy Kawata

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) — The Towson University Police Union is sounding off on the university’s response to Saturday’s shooting during an unsanctioned event on campus that resulted in the suspension of a veteran officer.

“That officer is being scapegoated,” said Rick Saylor, spokesman for fop lodge 82, Towson University’s police union.

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“We don’t think that was fair. We don’t think it was fair for the officer to have been suspended.”

Hundreds of people gathered at freedom square overnight Saturday that left three people injured, including a student and 19-year-old Samuel Nnam — who police believe fired the gun.

The university said the suspension of the unnamed officer is pending an investigation into whether they followed established procedures during the incident.

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“Our understanding is that the officer was doing what the officer was asked to do, which was monitor this crowd,” said Saylor.

In response, Towson University’s police chief said in a fiery statement: “any ‘stand down’ order being given is reckless, misleading and categorically false. It misrepresents the facts of the case, it hinders the investigation underway and it undermines the authority of active-duty officers who continue to protect and serve the TU community.”

But Saylor said that’s not the union’s message.

“I think it’s parcing words to argue that what happened was anything other than a stand-down order,” said Saylor. “Stand down- they were told to stay there and monitor.”

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The university’s police union is now calling on an outside agency to step in and take over the internal affairs investigation followed by an overall investigation of the incident.