By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

It took a while to clear clouds and showers out yesterday but, as “they” say, “All good things come to those who wait!” And this morning the good thing was quite there. And there was a small bit of fall in the air too. Not the smell, but the feel. A small bit. For example, Westminster was in the low mid 50’s to start this day. Most other temps were in the low 60’s but that is the average overnight low now. And the reality is the low 60’s are pleasantly cool. A small bit of fall in the air indeed.

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But summer is not over yet!

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Today 78 degrees. Tomorrow a really mild 81degrees. Then here comes another heat pump! Sunday through mid-week next week we will average about 7 degrees above average. Our current average daytime high is 82 degrees so do the math. 89 degrees, while very warm, is not what 7 degrees above a deep summer average high of 89 degrees would be. But a heat pump none the less. Keep the T-shirts and shorts handy for a little while longer.

T.G.I.F. EVERYONE! It is the truth.

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