By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

Let’s keep it easy today, Mom Nature, a lot of us are moving a bit slow after last night’s very late Ravens game. And I think our Mother Nature is going to have mercy on us. Not the best forecast, but not the worst either. Very much like yesterday, this afternoon will be hot and humid. This evening very warm and humid. Thunderstorms are not likely so all we have to do is slug it out with a heat index of 96 degrees later on.

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A perfect reason to chill in the heat and do little. And the forecast moving forward is fairly straight forward, too. Hot again tomorrow then a cold front and return to the mid 80’s to end the week. No big change in that “break the back of the heat” schedule.

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I was satisfied with the Ravens last night. This team has had big injuries across the roster. It is a group, as we start the season, held together with wire and duct tape. But I will give it to our team, they totally rose to the occasion. As a unit they gave little ground and kept “ringing the bell.” It was a loss I can live with. No team is going to go undefeated, and this loss showed character, and, I think, a good ride for this 2021 season. It was a loss I can live with, and I went to bed satisfied.

And today, on little sleep, I am ringing the bell too. Like a Raven. Cause in Baltimore that is what we do.

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