BALTIMORE (WJZ) — First it was the pandemic, now it’s these summer-like temperatures, interrupting learning for thousands of students.

Wednesday was the third day in a row that classes were cut short because it’s simply too hot to learn.

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“It’s crazy, it doesn’t make any sense,” said Brittany Carpenter.

It’s a hot mess inside some Baltimore City Public Schools.

“I think that it’s very unfortunate children don’t have air conditioning,” said April, parent.

More than two dozen city schools were forced to send students home early because they don’t have air conditioning.

“Every single day it’s just like uh stop-start all over again stop maybe the weather will be better tomorrow,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter said with the high temperatures and the face masks, it’s a dangerous mix for her third-grader who has asthma.

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“He’s been a real trooper about it but because of the mask, everything is kind of just a hot dome and everything stays trapped in and his little mouth and his face is sweaty and I feel so bad for him,” Carpenter said.

School officials said they’re on pace to complete a five-year plan to make upgrades to buildings by next year. But Governor Hogan is putting the heat on the mayor.

“I think it’s outrageous and disgusting that they haven’t fixed these problems. We’ve been focused on it and pushing them and funding them for seven years to get this done we put$3 billion into schools, they were closed for a year and a half. There’s no excuse for the ac not being fixed,” said Hogan.

The school district has been gradually upgrading buildings since the state approved a plan back in 2017.
But the mayor said it’s not that simple

“For many of these schools we’re talking about complete renovations,” said Mayor Brandon Scott.

With students already feeling behind after a year of virtual learning, Carpenter said this isn’t helping to get them back on track.

“It is a hassle and I know that he is missing out on learning,” said Carpenter added.

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The school district said in 2017, there were 75 schools without air conditioning. That number was down to 21 as of last month — and in the past two weeks alone, they have been able to make repairs at least four different schools.

Kelsey Kushner