By CBS Baltimore Staff

ANNE ARUNDEL, Md. (WJZ) — Every active-duty member of the police department has received and been trained on their Body Worn Cameras as of Thursday, September 16 according to their newest update.

The program was implemented on July 6, and since then, officers have recorded 54,969 videos; using 21,854 Gigabytes (21.854 Terabytes) of data storage. 

Of those recordings, 35,168 were made during regular calls for service and 14,008 were made during traffic stops. An additional 4,118 were made at accident scenes and 315 were made during citizen contact.

The remaining videos were made as a result of training, testing, and accidental activations not related to interactions with members of the community.

Some of the goals of the body camera are to strengthen police accountability, promote de-escalation and improve transparency. All members of the agency have been issued two bodyworn cameras to ensure they always have a charged device for their shift.

CBS Baltimore Staff