BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Kansas City Chiefs might have made it to the Super Bowl last year, but this year they didn’t make it past the Ravens in Sunday’s regular-season game.

“All your drink coolers. All that we have car mats ravens dice barbecue sets pitch covers steering wheel covers purple wigs.”

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If you want it, they’ve got it at poor boys in Dundalk. All things purple to propel you through the season.

Vaughn Huwes was at the game and gave credit where credit was due.

“Most of our victories come from our defense oddly enough that’s where the interception came in that’s where the fumble recovery came in. that’s really what saved the game,” said Huwes.

Rob Price and Brittany Swain were also at the game.

“The crowd was amazing it felt like a playoff game,” said Price.

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Now they’re living on the high of the epic win and making sure nobody counts the Ravens out.

“I think that just proves to everyone to the world that they’re for real and they can beat anybody,” Price added.

With no fans in the stands last year, Price said the energy he saw yesterday, you’d never be able to tell.

“Even though the fans might not of been there last year, we didn’t go anywhere and we’re very excited to be back,” said Price.

And for Poor Boys’ owner Michael Tyson, a good Ravens season means good business and tons of fun.

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“As long as we’re in it and we’re going to be in it all the way so it just builds more and more, more people get into it it gets exciting,” said Tyson.

Rachael Cardin