By CBS Baltimore Staff

Hi Everyone!

  Today actually started a bit on the feeling cool side. Let me explain that. Our average overnight low is now 58°. And that is about where our temps were at dawns early light. And with the air quite dry, there was almost a crispness in that air. Totally different than a cool Summer’s day start. And such will be the morning flavor more often than not as we move from Summer to Fall.

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  Humidity will return overnight and tomorrow, but not heat. Today 80°. The same high is forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday. The average daytime high is now 78° so we could say seasonally pleasant.

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  To be very honest I am moving a bit slow, this morning, after last night’s Ravens game so an easy forecast is a blessing. But really when is an easy Mid-Atlantic weather forecast not high on the list of things to appreciate?

  It is a victory Monday. Make it a great one!

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CBS Baltimore Staff