BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Morgan State University professor is suing the school after she says that for years, she’s been paid less than her male colleagues whose qualifications match hers.

“The original lawsuit was filed in 2018, so this has been an issue for some time,” said Aderson Francois, attorney for Dr. Leah Hollis.

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Dr. Leah Hollis has done a majority of her research in “Bullying in Higher Education” and as a professor at Morgan State University, she filed a lawsuit in 2018 saying the school, was not paying her the same amount as men in her position. The lawsuit states she believes even men with less experience and education were paid more than her.

In 2019 the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found her claim was justified and the school eventually granted Hollis Tenure.

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“The fact that Dr. Hollis is still not being promoted or paid fairly is unconscionable. She was at 60k 12 years and to now be at 65k is just unconscionable. It’s right that she’s going after the organization,” said Francois.

Now, after seeking promotions with the school, she is once again in court, after filing amendments to her original lawsuit.

“She is fighting for the very thing she advocates for. She believes in Morgan State and believes they’ll do the right thing. This is systemic and she knows it’s not just her who has suffered,” Francois added.

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WJZ reached out to Morgan State and a spokesperson said “As a matter of university practice, they will not comment on any pending litigation.”

Rachael Cardin