By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

  Are Justin Tuckers history-making field goal and the weather now joined at the hip?  Let’s talk about this. Will weather play into the discussion of the game-winning boot because it was indoors? Trust me, this discussion will happen today on sports talk radio and tv. And why? Because it not only can, but should.

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  Let’s be clear, to me, there is no discussion if this is a historical field goal. 66 yards is 66 yards. But the previous record was made outdoors. It was a 64 yard FG made by Matt Prater on December 8, 2013, for Denver against the San Francisco 49ers. It was outside.

  Someone will argue that #9 had ideal conditions due to the inside stadium, Ford Field. No wind, perfect temperature and humidity. Unlike an outside attempt. Some talking head will argue that an asterisk should be placed on the Justin Tucker kick.

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  Weather does indeed play into sports in general. Of “stick and ball” games only hockey, indoor soccer, and basketball play their season totally indoors. (Granted hockey has the “Ice Bowl” outside game, but the point is made.). Is there a difference between a baseball homer hit at Camden Yards or the Tropicana Dome in Tampa? Could be. So now back to Tucker’s 66 yarder. Ya see there is room for a weather discussion here.

  I think the bottom line will be the game is the game and that is that. I’d like to hear from Justin himself on this one. Hopefully, we will. Meanwhile, the kick was good and we are on to Denver! Fortunately early October in the Mile High City, not outdoors in the weather in December!

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