By Jessica Albert

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — An independent thriller shot in Baltimore called “Sweet Dreams” will debut in Charm City next month. The filmmaker is a Baltimore native who is using his skills to showcase the city.

“No matter how big I get, I feel like I’ll always come back to Baltimore to shoot because it’s just a beautiful place,” Alvin Gray said. “It doesn’t get enough credit on film.”

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Alvin Gray is getting ready to show his film “Sweet Dreams.” The movie is a reboot. Gray originally released it more than a decade ago.

He appeared on WJZ to talk about it then.

“It’s a psychotic thriller,” Gray said when the original was released. “It’s about a girlfriend who can see into her boyfriend’s dreams… It’s like Freddie Kruger mixed with fatal attraction.”

Back then, Gray produced, directed and starred in the film. This time around, he does not appear in the movie.

“Originally we did this movie, maybe, 12 years ago,” Gray said. “We shot it and it was a whole different kind of vibe. (We had a) little crew. We shot it on mini DV tapes.”

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Gray wanted to focus on upgrading the quality in hopes of getting it on streaming services.

“No distribution companies wanted something that was so low res,” Gray said. “So, we ended up shooting it again, but better.”

He shot the reboot in just seven days earlier this year.

Gray said this version of the movie follows the same story as the original but is told a little differently.

“It’s to get you out of the space of the reality that is happening here in Baltimore,” Gray said. “Show you a different side that I think people will enjoy.”

The film will premiere on Oct. 28 at 7 p.m. at the Senator Theatre. The red carpet will begin an hour before at 6 p.m.

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Those interested can be purchase tickets here.

Jessica Albert