ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — When Trevor Green isn’t making sandwiches at Canton Market, he’s selling lottery tickets – a lot of them!

After nobody won Saturday’s Powerball drawing, the grand prize is now $685 million. Maryland is looking to strike twice in one year after a $731 million ticket was sold in Allegheny County in January. The biggest prize at this small location?

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“The biggest one was a scratch-off for $77,000,” Green tells WJZ. “The person almost had a heart attack,” he laughs.

Let’s see what Baltimoreans would buy. 

“Buy a house in the country like Harford County and travel,” CJ Johnson says.

Another man responds with a joke.

“What would I do with it? I would stop buying the lottery!”

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A woman named Eva thought about her family.

“My husband is pretty sick. If he has to go to the nursing home, I’ll have money to take care of him. 

Maryland is one of the 11 States allowing anonymous winners. Since Aug. 23, drawings have increased to three times a week to generate interest. It’s hard to fathom that kind of generational wealth, but somebody has to win it. 

After thinking about what he’d do with the money, Green added more to his original thoughts. “I hook up all the people that I know and charity work. Then I disappear!”

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Nearly all big winners take the cash option which would be for 485 and a half million dollars. No matter the amount, dreams may be realized in just a matter of hours.  The odds are staggering, but not impossible. 1 in 292 million.