By Annie Rose Ramos

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Monday Night Football! Week five wraps up with a Battle here in Baltimore between the Indianapolis Colts and the Ravens and the city is gearing up.

“It’s Ravens! it’s Monday night football! We’re ready to go!” said Michael Stern.

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For tailgate Mike, today is about tradition.

“We’ve been tailgating in this lot for at least fifteen years,” said Michael Stern.

on Monday, he and his son were some of the first to come out and show their support for their team.

“We could be sitting home on our couch or we could be here, so we’d rather be here,” Michael Stern added.

“They bring us good energy on Sundays, Mondays and we try and do it back for them,” said Tyler Stern.

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Right on the corner of Hamburg and Russell.

“When they drive by we wanna make sure they’re here and ready to go!” said Bruce Damon.

And in Federal Hill, reparations are underway at Mother’s Purple Patio.

“Move our tent over, move the picnic tables. There’s about seven hours of planning,” said John Hughes, General Manager, Mother’s Federal Hill Grille

Where the slogan is “come early, stay late, and wear purple.”

And while Colts fans are welcome too, the rivalry isn’t far removed.  “They’re gonna lose of course the cults!” said Hughes.

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A rivalry that reaches all the way to the top of city leadership. In a tweet Sunday, Mayor Brandon Scott challenged the Indianapolis Mayor to wear a Ravens Jersey if Baltimore wins writing “Can’t wait to see him in a Ravens jersey.” He vowed to do the same if the Colts win but is confident he won’t have to.

Annie Rose Ramos