NOTTINGHAM, Md. (WJZ) — Residents in the Belmont South Community in Nottingham are furious because they went without water for days.

The water went out early Tuesday morning. There was no water for the entire day Tuesday and Wednesday. But on Thursday, more than 48 hours later, contractors arrived in the community.

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“It’s just been a nightmare,” resident Mia Bogy said. “Today’s the first time it looks like they are actually working on it. Hopefully today we will have water.”

The problem stems from the fact that it wasn’t immediately clear who was responsible for repairing the broken service line.

The leak was on Mitnick Road and an individual with the property management initially told residents that it was up to Baltimore County’s Department of Public Works to make the fix. The public agency disagreed.

“I called 311, they told me it would be on yesterday but it never came on,” said Aletha Carey, who has lived in the community for years.

In a statement to WJZ, the Department of Public Works said the leak occurred on the side of the line that’s private property:

“This was a leak on the private side of the service line. The community (homeowners association) asked DPW to cut off the water in order for the repair to be made. DPW complied and will turn it on as soon as they are asked.”

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Residents who felt like they’ve been getting the run around over the past few days confronted the property manager when he visited the community.

Then on Thursday, residents received a new letter signed by the property manager. “Barring any unforeseen issues, the water should be back later this evening,” it said in part.

Throughout this ordeal, neighbors purchased water to help each other with the basic necessities such as showering, cooking and flushing toilets.

“It takes a gallon to flush the toilet,” Bogey said. We can’t shower. Thankfully we have family and friends, we could go shower.”

WJZ received this statement from the Belmont South Community Board of Directors:

 The DWP began their investigation of the leak on Tuesday afternoon and determined Wednesday afternoon that the water break was somewhere on association property. Upon that determination, the Board worked with property management tohire a contractor to find the leak within the community.

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