By Marty Bass

Hi everyone!

What a beautiful start to the day! And these clear skies will continue to be the headline in the forecast as we move through this Monday, Oct. 18. As we all came to work the chill was on, but in mid-October that is the feel of fall.

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Our average overnight low is now 48°, and let’s be honest, that’s a bit chilly for warm-blooded beings walking around with an internal temperature of 98.6°. So this is not like the Polar Vortex is slamming into your neighborhood — just cause and effect.

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Through the day with high pressure giving us a breeze mostly out of the west. Our daytime high will be in the mid 60’s, trending a few degrees below the average for this date of 68°. But in the sun it will be a beautiful and give us a nice fall afternoon. Then figure after a high of 65°, we will fall to the upper 50’s just after sunset. We will bottom out tonight in the mid 40’s. In other words, Tuesday will be another “grab a jacket” morning.

On Tuesday, a big wind shift occurs as the high swings our wind out of the south. And as I like to say, “weather is where does the air come from.” Well with that southerly flow, with air coming up from where it is still fairly mild, we will see temperatures rise into the low then mid 70’s as we move through this work and school week. And that little gift will come with a large amount of sun and a very small chance of rain.

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Overall, you could not ask for a finer week to move into the second third of fall.