By Stetson Miller

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Unemployed Workers Union said it will continue its fight to get unemployment benefits for people who have not received them.

The group filed a class-action lawsuit in July against the state and Maryland Labor Secretary Tiffany Robinson, to address the unpaid claims.

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On Tuesday, the attorney for the Unemployed Workers Union Alec Summerfield said that its request for information and documents related to the case was denied.

“They responded objecting to everything. Really hiding behind technicalities like ‘Oh, it’s beyond the scope or just answering a question that we didn’t ask,” said Summerfield.

He added that they plan to file a motion to compel discovery to get the information.

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“We’re going to keep going. We’re going to keep fighting until we win,” said Sharon Black, an organizer for the Unemployed Workers Union.

In response, Governor Larry Hogan’s spokesperson Mike Ricci released a statement about the latest update in the case:

“The plaintiffs’ claims in this matter have previously been resolved, so these activists’ requests and questions are irrelevant. We also remain fully committed to ensuring the Attorney General bears the costs of litigation. Overall, 97.9% of all claims have been processed, and more than $14.1 billion in benefits have been paid out.”

A hearing is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 25 after the Maryland Department of Labor motioned to dismiss the suit.

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Summerfield said that he plans to appeal if the case is dismissed.

Stetson Miller