By Marty Bass

Hi everyone!

  Did ya see that almost full moon last night? It looked pretty full to the nekkid eye but in fact, it will not go full until tomorrow midday so we all have another chance to see the “Hunters Moon” again tonight. Yep, the October moon is called the “Hunter’s Moon” as that recreation season is beginning and the early mornings a lit up brightly by this moon. And this time of the year the almanac’s description of the fullness tells the story of the season more so than anytime of the year.

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  The September mom was the “Harvest Moon”, Summers over get the crops in. We’ve discussed the October Moon. In December it will be called the “Cold Moon” as Winter starts. And no shock, in the dead of winter, February, it is the “Snow Moon.”

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  The worst name has to be when the thaw hits and the ground loosens up. That moon is the “worm Moon.” Fitting but come on.

  So under clear skies, the moon shadows will dance tonight. And those clear skies will also show us the Fall and Winter constellations, like “Orion” is their fullness too. Enjoy!

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