By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

  Here we go toward 79° today. Simple as that. And the journey up the thermometer will be steady, not slow and steady,  but pretty dramatic. By lunch, we will be within arms reach of 70°. By noon already 5° above the average daytime high.  By 2:30 squarely in the mid-70s, and still climbing. By 3:30 some thermometers will be at 79°. And what makes this even better is the very gentle slide down the numbers as we head toward evening.

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  Usually, there is a ten-degree difference between being in the sun and shade. But after a high of 79° by 6 p.m., we will still be in the low 70’s. This next overnight will be another mild one with city temperatures no lower than the mid 50s. A full 10° above the average overnight low. The heat pump high to our South is still in control. A fine run he’s had. Numbers do not lie.

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  And sorry to say breezy highs in the low 60’s this weekend that could feel like the mid to low 50’s. Yes, a bit of a wind chill can be calculated over Saturday and Sunday. Another case of the numbers just speaking the truth.

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     Marty B!