By Marty Bass

Hi everyone!

I want us to enjoy this day because we’re going to be dealing with rain tomorrow, and it could be heavy at times. It’ll be the second time this week for a strong low to come by with potential issues. We have already been alerted that some flood advisories will go into effect on Friday. But let’s enjoy this day first.

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We started with “bluebird skies”, and even ending with partly cloudy conditions, the afternoon looks to be a fine one. At daybreak, we had the upper 40’s above the overnight average of 42°. By lunch, we’ll see low- to mid- 60’s up to a high of 67ׄ. The average for this Oct. 28 is 64°. Temps moving into the weekend behind Friday’s rain should still be in the mid 60’s, and in fact the coolest temperature we see over our seven-day outlook is 62° Friday and next Wednesday.

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You will not need the sunglasses tomorrow or Saturday. But don’t put them too far away as you might need some eye shade again Sunday afternoon. And for more than just a Halloween costume!

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Marty B!