By Jessica Albert

EDGEMERE, Md. (WJZ) — People who live along the water in Baltimore County are bracing for the potential of more flooding in their neighborhoods overnight.

“It was unexpected,” Ronald Wozniak of Edgemere said. “This weather was unexpected.”

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From Millers Island to Sparrows Point and Edgemere, water rose to levels not seen in decades.

“The neighbors who have been here a long time say it hasn’t been this high since Isabel and in their lifetime that’s the only time it’s been this high,” Tyler Fields of Edgemere said.

Those with homes on the water dealt with damage to their piers and flooding inside their homes.

“I’m a little concerned about it coming into my house,” a Baltimore County woman said. “I’m just thanking God we have flood insurance.”

Many of the roads in the area closed because of fallen trees.

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“You can only walk up and down here, vehicles can’t get passed,” Wozniak said.

High water forced people to get creative to get around by traveling by kayak

“Well, it was a lot easier to move place to place,” Logan Wozniak of Edgemere said. “Plus, the water was getting really high and it was getting over my boots and I didn’t feel like keeping getting wet.”

These communities are bracing for more rising waters again overnight. Many are worried it might be worse.

“I looked at the tides again,” Ronald Wozniak said. “It’s at 3 a.m. So, I’ll be up all night back and forth checking on it. Making sure I’m not getting any water. Making sure the sub pumps are working.”

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Baltimore County has a list of road closures. Click here for more. 

Jessica Albert