By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

  It was a cold start today. But we knew it would be. BUT when you consider it was the coldest start to a day since April 20-21 that puts the cold start, today, in perspective. (Or look at it this way, that last taste of low 30’s was over six months ago.) You won’t have to wait that long for some suburban numbers to get back to the low 30’s. Like, we will do it again tomorrow. Not as low 30’s as this A.M. but the mid to mid-upper 30’s nonetheless.

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  Skies will be clear today, tonight, and then again tomorrow. With calm winds to start the day Thursday, we still cannot rule out some scattered frost. But with temps remaining in the low 50’s through Friday that sun does indeed help.

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  But when we discuss a daytime high of 53ׄ we need to understand that the hours around it, on either side, will be the upper 40’s. And now that I think about that curve up the thermometer, and down, it makes the sunshine that much more important.

  As for rain that is not a real player in the outlook until early next week.

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      Marty B!