BALTIMORE (WJZ) — President Joe Biden is traveling to Baltimore Wednesday to discuss the $1 trillion infrastructure deal aimed to help Americans by upgrading ports and strengthening supply chains.

“The Biden administration recognizes that the Port of Baltimore is the largest source of good-paying, blue-collar jobs in the state!” said John Porcari, White House Port Envoy. “Seventeen billion dollars for America’s ports that’s an unprecedented investment.”

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The amount of money that caused pushback from Republicans back in October before the deal was passed.

“They really should be working with us on an infrastructure bill that would pass overwhelmingly but instead they just have an insatiable appetite to raise taxes and spend more money,” said Rep. Steve Scalise, (R-LA) House Minority Leader

But The Port Envoy says this is an investment worth making.

“We’re far behind many other countries,” said Porcari.

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Last month, Chopper 13 flew above the Port of Baltimore traffic was at a standstill. Trucks backed up as far as the eye could see due to supply chain issues.

“All the containers sitting in the port over on the west coast they’re all starting to come in, now and its got us backed up,” said one truck driver.

This new deal promises to help alleviate the congestion at the ports and ports like Baltimore’s are too crucial to the economy to fall behind.

“What the deal does, is it pays it forward for the next generation. Its building generational infrastructure that’ll serve Baltimore the state of Maryland, in fact, the entire country well into the future,” Porcari added.

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In a tweet from Governor Hogan Monday, he said this new deal will mean millions of dollars for Maryland’s bridges, airports, broadband connectivity and billions for roads and public transportation, just to name a few.

Annie Rose Ramos