By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

  Heavy rain overnight is leaving, as was forecast, during the early midday. That is not so much a pat on the forecasting back but rather a thank goodness. We had really heavy pockets of rain embedded in a large area of rain. Rain heavy enough that cars hydroplaned on soaked roads, and slid on fallen leaves. It could have been worse. So see ya later storm, glad we hardly knew ye!

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  It was warm overnight and this morning with temps in the low 60’s. There was the concern of thunderstorms as this strong cold front came pushing through that unstable air mass. They never materialized. Another “thank goodness.”

  We stay mild this afternoon, but tonight drop to our lowest overnight low of the week, in the low to mid 40’s. And now a slide through the weekend and into next week down, eventually to the low 50’s, Monday and Tuesday.

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  The weekend will be breezy with varying amounts of cloud cover. For you who really enjoy that “Fall look,” you will be in a good few moments. And if that cozy chilly night feel, feels right, you will be in that moment too.

  Find some fun, and be safe!

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      Marty B!