By Marty Bass

Snow in elevation above 3000 feet out in Garrett and Alleghany Counties. And wind chills just above freezing along I-95. That is how this work and school week said, “Hello!”

There is a big winter storm well out to our Northwest. But here on the East side of the Low powering that storm a cold front is shoving through. Add to that the winds charging in from the Northwest location of the big mentioned low and you have wind chills now and through the day.

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We will forecast a high of 52° in the early afternoon but much of the day will be in the mid-upper 40’s with a chill at times in the upper 30’s. And tomorrow looks to be a repeat. But then here comes a large warmup.

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How large? A solid 20° difference between today and Thursday. Wednesday we will be within arms reach of 70. And a bit over 70° on Thursday. Back to the low 50’s for the week’s end, and weekend. And back to a very dry weather pattern through the next 7 days.

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