By Annie Rose Ramos

OWINGS MILLS, Md. (WJZ) — “I was at my apartment right across the street and I heard it, I heard the shots,” said Adrienne, a resident of Owings Mills.

On Saturday night, gunfire rang out across the street from Adriene’s home near Lakeside Boulevard. She told WJZ she heard about eight or nine shots. She moved there three months ago, hoping to get away from crime, but now it’s all her neighbors can talk about.

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Saturday’s shooting near Lakeside and Owings Mills Boulevard sent one person to the hospital, but it’s just one of three shootings in less than a week. On Friday, a man was shot off Vanguard Court.

“It’s definitely surprising that it happened around here,” said Kheira, who has lived in Owings Mills all her life.

Last Sunday, three people were shot near Gwynnswood Road.

“We don’t have things like that going on around here, we don’t normally hear about shootings,” Kheira said.

On Monday, Baltimore County Police announced two arrests in last Sunday’s triple shooting. Police say the incident started with a drug deal.

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“It’s suspected this violence was a result of the sale of marijuana they were meeting at this location and during that meeting the two exchanged gunfire,” said Joy Stewart, Baltimore County Police Department.

That gunfire injured the two suspects, Akil Wise and Esean Davis, along with a third person.

Police say much of this recent violence is tied to behavioral health. Others stem from arguments turning violent.

“Verbal arguments are escalating into serious violence between people who oftentimes know one another,” added Stewart.

Baltimore County Police also say there is a recent holiday deployment meaning more officers are on the street.

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Annie Rose Ramos