By Marty Bass

Hi Everyone!

   We started this day off with a beautiful “tie-dye” sunrise, and temperatures exactly where there should be in the 36° range. This afternoon we are going into the low mid 60’s. The average is in the upper 50’s. And as we have been discussing tomorrow is even warmer in the low 70’s. But to ignore what is on the way would be a disservice.

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  Tomorrow late evening rain will arrive along with a cold front that will knock us back into the upper 40’s. Basically the feel of earlier this week. And that is before a pretty stiff wind chill Saturday. (By the way, Saturday will be the sunnier of the weekend days.)

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  Sunday and Monday temps move back to the mid 50’s. But a potential storm looming on the horizon early in the week could send daytime highs, with rain, on Tuesday into the low 40’s.

  The point here is to use today and tomorrow’s daytime highs wisely. Do errands, do yard work, or just get a walk as these temperatures are just a small gift in, now, mid-November.

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