YORK, Pa. (WJZ) — Robert Vicosa, an ex-Baltimore County officer accused of abducting his two daughters from a Pennsylvania home, may possibly be traveling with a current Baltimore County officer, York Area Regional Police said Wednesday.

Baltimore County Police Sgt. Tia Bynum, a close friend and former coworker of Vicosa’s who is connected to the case, disappeared Tuesday, police said. Bynum has been suspended, the department confirmed to WJZ.

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Police said their investigation is focused on the safe return of Vicosa’s children, 6-year-old Aaminah 7-year-old Giana. There is a felony arrest warrant out for Robert Vicosa, and police said anyone who assists or harbors him will also face charges.

Vicosa (Photos via York Area Regional Police Department)

Police said Vicosa’s estranged wife reported a violent assault Sunday at the family home in Windsor Township. The woman was reportedly at the home for more than a day, and she said there was multiple guns and drugs involved.

When police got a warrant to search the home Monday morning, they found the house in disarray and vacant, except for a malnourished dog. Police said the children and their father were gone, along with a black Acura that belonged to a relative of Sgt. Bynum.

Police said they tracked Vicosa’s phone to Bynum’s home on Monday. Police spoke with Bynum, who was described as “less than forthcoming” and did not consent to a search of the residence.

On Tuesday, a woman reported she was held hostage at gunpoint and carjacked in the Red Lion Borough of Windsor Township. Police found the black Acura partially submerged in a creek nearby.

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Police said Vicosa and the children left the scene in the woman’s silver Volkswagen Jetta, and he had stolen the woman’s phone. The three had reportedly stayed the night in a trailer on her property.

Police tracked the stolen phone to the area of East Lancaster Street, where they found the Volkswagen abandoned. Police searched the area but found no sign of Vicosa and the children.

Later on Tuesday, police pinged Vicose’s phone again. It was tracked for the second time to Bynum’s home. Armed with a warrant, police searched the home but found it was empty. Bynum and her car were gone, too.

Pennsylvania State Police said they are searching for Bynum’s car, a 2013 Lexus GS 350 with PA license plate number: KPK2076.

Police said they don’t know definitively whether Vicosa and the children are in that car or definitively whether they are with Bynum, but they can say Bynum is not in her home.

Anyone who sees Vicosa or his children is asked to call 911 immediately.

Vicosa and Bynums (York Area Regional Police)

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