Hi Everyone!

   It is Thanksgiving week. And the area is looking like the holiday season already. People are ready for this one. In the “post-Covid world” I bet you people will flock to stores, and gatherings. You can feel it, and you can hear it in conversations around. For example, early on in the football season, people did not know whether to tailgate or not. Now pre-game tailgating IS as it was pre-Covid.

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And that is what leads me to believe what I just intoned about the upcoming few weeks. And given that prediction, the weather will be a big deal this year. And we have you covered.

   My headline has to be no rain until Friday. And that rain will be just some passing showers. If you are taking a road trip read into that roads will be dry. And rain will be gone by the time you return home.

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  Temperatures will be a big rough tomorrow and Wednesday. Especially tomorrow with a good amount of wind. The forecast high is 45. It will feel like the mid  to mid-upper 30’s. Then the daytime high goes back to 50° on Wednesday with just a breeze. Thanksgiving day mostly average temperatures around the Mid-Atlantic. Great news!

  With the modern forecasting model’s accuracy, this close in to an event is very reliable. Nothing is perfect but this outlook will be on the high end of confidence. Any changes and YOU will be the FIRST to know. We have you covered.

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     Marty B!